Behavioral Scoring Use Cases

Understand how to use behavioral models to get the most out of Infer

There are three typical use cases for the behavioral model: prioritization, nurturing and campaigns, next we show you some examples of each, so you can start using Infer at its fullest.

  • Prioritization 

    • Sales Effort Alignment: 

      • Align and measure the effort the sales teams puts in based on high buying signals prospects are showing . 

    • SLAs: 

      • Create SLAs that are applicable for different stages of the buying journey based on the buying signals the prospects are taking. 

  • Nurture

    • Engaged Leads: 

      • Surface accounts and contacts that are actively engaged and likely to buy & Monitor leads in nurture databases to send prospects back to sales as they re-engage

  • Campaigns

    • Campaign Performance Evaluation: 

      • Measure the impact of marketing programs based on their engagement

    • Smart Funnels

      • Route the leads that are most likely to buy to the sales reps immediately and include the rest into the correct marketing automation campaigns automatically