Fit Model Use Cases

Alexia Ravera
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Fit models use a series of signals to analyze your data and provide a score as to how well the lead will perform and be successful for your company.

The signals include various firmographic and technographic signals, ranging from company size and industry to website and technology stacks that the company uses.

This then produces information that can be used in different use cases and we will look at the main ones next.

  1. Filtering 

Using filters you can control the volume of prospects being passed through to the

sales team by concentrating on those with a higher score, which are therefore more likely to be successful and therefore more efficient.

  1. Prioritization 

Align the sales and marketing teams efforts to create impactful prospects from leads by prioritizing the type of leads that are worked


  1. Campaigns 

Tailor marketing campaigns to leads with specific signals in common to create more effective marketing and prospects


  1. Nurture 

Using the signals you can potentially re-engage with dormant leads in Salesforce by leveraging the information you have from the model regarding their company and technology

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