How Does a Fit Model Work

Alexia Ravera
Written by Alexia RaveraLast update

Infer has two types of models: Behavioral and Fit, let’s talk about the fit models. The fit models use static data from your CRM to create a profile of your perfect customer using machine learning, and then it compares it to the entity you’re scoring.

You can get scorings for leads/accounts/opportunities/contacts, Infer will tell you how good a fit they are for your business and how likely you are to make a sale with that prospect.

The scores are grouped into four different “buckets” from A through D with the A grouping being the highest scoring and the D the lowest.

Each record is scored using a series of “signals” that have various weightings set by the algorithm to determine whether it is a good lead or not. These signals cover different elements of the record data, including geography, firmographic, website technology and also spam signals. These all combine together to give the record a score depending on the elements that are or are not present in the data.

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