Hubspot connector

Understand how Infer connects to your Hubspot instance

Hubspot Integration Guide

This guide gives step-by-step details of how we set up the integration between Infer and your Hubspot instance. 

Creating a Profile for Infer

  1. Go to Settings | Users and Teams and click on Create User 

  2. Complete the Email Address field with: ops+[business name]

  3. Click Next

  4. Select permissions: Make sure that Admin and Marketing permissions are enabled and click Next then Send. This will send the login invitation to Infer to continue the set up.

Once the user setup is completed, we will authenticate the information and install the connector to your Hubspot instance. To check this you can go to Integrations | Apps and the connector will show there

Set up fields

Once the integration has been created we can use the fields from Hubspot to map the data into Infer so that we can create your models. 

When we have completed the field mapping from Hubspot to Infer we then create the Hubspot field, list and workflow that will populate with the scores from Infer. All of this is done automatically through the API so there is nothing else that needs to be done manually. These new additions will be:

        Field: Infer_score

        List: Infer To-Score List

        Workflow: Infer To-Score Workflow