Infer Universal Connector

Connect Infer to your CRM to create successful fit models, wether is homemade or one of the classic connectors.

In order to perform a successful connection to your CRM instance, we need the following information:

  1. Admin username and password: we need a valid username (following this structure: and password with view all permission, including modify permissions for Infer fields (where the scores are going to be pushed). 

Once we have a successful connection, it will enable us to absorb the following information:

  • Name  

  • First Name  

  • Last Name  

  • Email 

  • Phone  

  • Country

  • State

  • Company

  • Title

  • Website

  • Any custom field to be included

Detailed Steps Explaining how the process works :

  1. Our CRM connector fetches the User Information stored in your instance via API.

  2. Based on your chosen frequency, our connector running on AWS Lambda, fetches data from your CRM system.

  3. At this stage, data goes through the validation and processing and is finally transformed into a CSV.

  4. Infer uses the model to score the entities contained in the CSV file.

  5. The scores contained in the CSV file are pushed back into the CRM using the API connector and placed in the fields created for Infer.

2. Creating fields for Infer: In order to receive Infer scorings is necessary to create the following fields in your CRM instance:

  1. Infer: Behavior Score (0-100): Numeric field

  2. Infer: Behavior Score (1-4): Numeric field

  3. Infer: Behavior Score Last Updated: Date field

  4. Infer: Fit Score: Text field

  5. Infer: Fit Score (0-100): Numeric field

  6. Infer: Matched Account: Text field (necessary only for accounts models)

Data Safety : All Data is encrypted in transit via HTTPS, using TLS 1.3 encryption internally. Sensitive customer data, such as access tokens, usernames, passwords are encrypted at rest using Amazon Key Management Service (KMS), which uses FIPS 140-2 validated hardware security modules.