Marketo Connector

How to integrate Infer with Marketo

This guide gives step-by-step details of how we set up the integration between Infer and your Marketo instance. 

Creating a Profile for Infer

  1. Go to Admin | Users and Rules and click on Invite New User 

  2. Complete the Email Address and User Name as below:

Email: ops-[business name]

First Name: Ops

Last Name: Infer

  1. Click Next

  2. Select role: Admin and click Next then Send. This will send the login invitation to Infer to continue the set up.

Set up fields

If you want to sync scores to Salesforce...

We will need to create the fields in Salesforce, not Marketo.  It will not work properly if we create the fields in Marketo as we can’t sync to Salesforce after the fact

  1. Create the fields in Salesforce, according to the typical setup, but you don't need the hash field anymore; just the score and date fields should suffice.

  2. After "a while", Marketo will pick up the new fields in Salesforce.  

  3. Change the score field type.

    1. If the score will be used in Marketo Sales Insights (MSI) as stars or flames: 

      1. You'll need to change the field type to "Score".

        1. Go into Marketo.

        2. Click "Admin" at the top.

        3. On the left, click "Field Management".

        4. Select the score field.

          1. Examples:

            1. "Infer: Fit Score [0-100]"

            2. "Infer: Score" 

        5. Click Field Actions | Change Type.

        6. Select "Score".

        7. Click OK to the scary message that this will destroy all current values.

    2. If the score will NOT be used in MSI:

      1. You might as well change the field type to "Score" anyway, as doing it later will cause all score values to blank out, and you'll have to re-score everything again.

If you don't need to sync scores to Salesforce...

Then we can directly create the fields in Marketo.  But remember, you CANNOT sync these fields to Salesforce after you've created them!

  1. Under Admin > Field Management, create New Custom Fields:

  2. "Infer Score" of type Score and API name "infer_score".

  3. "Infer Score Timestamp" of type DateTime and API name "infer_score_timestamp".

Set up Marketo triggers

Our goal is to create a trigger which adds leads to a Marketo List whenever those leads are created or one of their values that the model cares about is changed.  A connector (described later) will pull leads from that List, score them, and remove them from the List.

  1. In Marketo, under Lead Database, create a List (not a smartlist!). Remember the name you give it; the default name should be "Infer Fit Scoring Queue".  This is the list that will hold all the leads that need to be scored by us.

  1. In Marketo under Marketing Activities:

    1. Create a Smart Campaign. We may need to create a new campaign folder before you do this, as it will ask where you want the smart campaign to live.

      1. Name the campaign "Infer Data Export".

    2. Under "Who," add each of the following triggers (see far right panel of image below). It is important that we search within the dropdown menu for triggers and not filters, because using filters will give you the wrong type of campaign.
      - Triggers > Lead is Created
      - Triggers > Data Value Changes, for each attribute that affects the score (model input fields)
      - Where it says "Use ALL filters", select "Use ANY filters"

    3. Under "Flow":

      1. Select "Add to List" from the right-hand bar.

      1. Specify the list created above.

    1. Under "Schedule":

      1. Activate the campaign immediately.

      2. Set it so that leads can flow through the smart campaign every time (default is just once).

  1. Verify that the List is being populated with leads. This may not happen immediately, so give it 10-20 minutes before you panic. 

Scoring the Marketo backlog

  1. Now, if we want to score all existing leads in Marketo (most likely we do), we want to populate the List with all the leads in Marketo that do not have a score filled in. 

    1. In Marketo under Lead Database, create a "Smart List", named "Infer Score Empty"

    2. In "Smart List", specify "Infer Score is empty"

    3. Switch to "Leads" view.

    4. Click "Select All".

    5. Click "Lead Actions" | "Marketing" | "Add to List", and specify the List you created above ("Infer Scoring Queue").

      1. (Note: It may take ~30-60 seconds for the 'Marketing' option to become available )

    6. Wait.