Understand how the Glance add on works

Infer can provide an add-on package called Glance which can add extra information to your salesforce package making it easier for your sales team to see important infer information on your leads at a glance.

Glance combines Infer Score, Signals and Firmographic data into a single view available on any scored Salesforce object. it  is designed to provide additional insights into why a Lead, Contact, or Account scored the way that it did and also saves reps effort by surfacing key company information.

In order to use glance, you need to have the package installed in your salesforce instance so the fields can be mapped to display the infer information. Once it is installed you will see an extra panel in your lead data as shown here. The first panel gives you the infer score group that the lead falls under and tells you which model is scoring that lead. It also shows you the key signals that go towards scoring the lead the way it is.

The panel on the right gives you key infer information on the firmographics of the lead including company data and any technological data you may want to see. This section can be configured to show the exact signals that you would like in the infer package in salesforce.

If you also have a behavioral model as well as fit model, you can also integrate this data to glance so you can see the recent activities that contribute to the leads behavioral score and compare.

Glance does not append the data to the leads in salesforce so can’t be used to produce reports on what is shown but this means that it is a good way for sales reps to see the information they need without taking up all the storage from SFDC.