How Smart Signals work

Understand how to use Smart Signals to benefit from all Infer functionalities

Infer can provide an add-on package called smart signals which can add extra information to your salesforce package. You can also access these signals directly in your infer portal.

In the infer portal click on the signals tab on the left hand menu. This will take you to the smart signals page. Here you can see if you have any signals enabled, if you have they will be shown like this but if not, the page will just have the publish signals button at the top.

To publish a new signal, click on the publish signals button. This brings you up a window with four different options, account, contact, lead or opportunity. This is so you can select which entity you want to publish the data to. If you want to post the data to more than one entity, this will have to be repeated for each one due to the way that salesforce separates its data.

When the next window loads, you can select the signal that you want to publish and the value, then pick the field that you want it to appear in. The box below will show how the information will be presented in Salesforce. Once you have selected the correct field, click on publish signal at the bottom of the page and you will be directed back to the previous page.

You should now see your new signal in the list. Any new records will automatically have this data appended but you also have the option to backscore any existing include this data. To do this, you can click on the small arrow next to the signal header and click on backscore all existing accounts. Please take into account that to backfill all the existing records may take a significant amount of time and the way the program works is to match all the records first then publish the information so you may not see any information being added for a while when you first start the process.

There are two other options for when you have created the signal, you can either edit or delete it if no longer required. When you click on edit, you can change the mapping for the signal. If you click on delete this will stop the signal from publishing any new information but the data will remain on the existing records that it has already been appended to. You can remove the field in salesforce if you no longer want this existing information to be shown.