Pardot Connector

Understand how we connect Infer to your Pardot instance

Alexia Ravera
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1. Create a Pardot user using the email format: . The user should have admin permissions. 


2. Create new fields for Score and Hash

    1. Go to Prospect Fields page, and click "Add Custom Field" to create:

  1. Infer Score, type "Number", Sync Behavior "Use Pardot's Value", which will be mapped to "Score Field" in the field mappings stage when behavior model is deployed in order to store behavior score value

  2. Infer Hash, type "Text", Sync Behavior "Use Pardot's Value"


3.  Go to the user settings page and change the time zone to UTC

To complete the integration Infer technical team will sync up the user created with Infer, which will allow Infer to absorb all activities measured in Pardot, as well as the Pardot ID of each lead.

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